Church Basement Ladies tickets available

The Bus Safety Committee recently met to go over details about the school year and check on schedules and routes. A new rule for this year involves students riding different buses or being a guest rider on a bus. It will be required of the parent or guardian of the child wanting to ride a different bus or visit a friend on a certain route to have a written note of permission to ride that bus. The note will be given to the driver when boarding the bus. No note – no riding.

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It is also noteworthy to note the starting dates for students:

Sleepy Eye grades 1-12 will begin on Monday, Aug. 19

Sleepy Eye Kindergarten begins on Friday, Aug. 23 and will be in session on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Dec. 9, when they go all day, every day.

St John’s students will begin on Monday, Aug. 26

St Mary’s grades 1-12 will begin on Monday, Aug. 26

St Mary’s kindergarten begins on Wednesday, Aug. 28 and will be in session Monday through Thursdays

Sleepy Eye School staff returns on Monday, Aug. 12 through Thursday, Aug. 15. Open house for elementary students will be 12-8 p.m. and high school students 3:30-8 p.m.

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Two youth activities were well attended in the past two weeks. One group came to the Babysitting Clinic for five days and another group came to Lego Camp for three days.

Upcoming outings that need attention are the Minnesota State Fair for Monday, Aug. 26, with sign-up requested by Aug. 20. The reservation for Church Basement Ladies in “The Last (Potluck) Supper” at the Plymouth Playhouse on Thursday, Sept. 5 is half full. Registration for this outing is due Aug. 15. The Clay County Fair trip will be on Tuesday, Sept. 10, which is the only Senior Citizen Day this year.

Applications are being accepted for a School Readiness teacher beginning this fall. A letter of information and resume can be submitted to this office as soon as possible.

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The Community Education office is located in Room 109 of the Sleepy Eye High School. Summer office hours are generally 9 a.m. to noon Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since staff is part-time, they may not always be in the building. You can call and leave a message on voice mail, 507-794-7873, and we will get back to you with more information. Another option is to e-mail staff with questions and to sign-up. Addresses are on the school website.