My favorite musical of all time is The Sound of Music.

My favorite musical of all time is The Sound of Music. I truly admire Julie Andrews and her beautiful voice in the movie version. It is in my mind without a doubt, a great love story and also one family giving up everything to get away from the German Nazi Army, even at the cost of leaving their home and everyone and everything they love.

Sunday a friend and I had the opportunity to watch NUACT’s presentation of South Pacific.

I’d seen the movie, but not the stage version of it.

I cannot give enough praise to the cast, orchestra and all those behind the scenes people involved with this production. It was done beautifully from the lead character’s voices to the children’s chorus.

At times you didn’t even realize there was an orchestra sitting right in front of you. That is how well they matched the scene and whomever they accompanied. Kudos to those who brought the play to life through the music.

According to one of the trombonists, Nate Beran, the orchestra practiced with the cast only a few times and met by themselves prior to adding the cast only a couple of times. That’s talent!

Sleepy Eye’s very own Chris Seifert, Tim Zinniel and Jonathan Warling were great. Each character was believable.

Chris’ singing voice was brought out beautifully in the love songs he sang.

Tim could actually be a Captain in the Navy. He has a commanding presence and his voice can bark any order necessary to under ranking personnel. Congratulations Tim and welcome back to the stage.

Jonathan was the fun loving Abner whom the girls could swoon over.

South Pacific has moved to my top five favorite all time musicals. Its music by Rogers and Hammerstein is easily recognizable and some of the best love songs from its time. If you didn’t get a chance to see this production, you really did miss out on some great local talent and entertainment.

Thought for the week: Fear is the single strongest motivating force in our lives. The more frightened you become, the better your chances of achieving success. – Lois Korey.