The great ideas I share with my big sis.

My sister enjoys writing as much as I do.  I am writing this blog today because she encouraged me to put my proverbial pen to paper and enjoy myself!  However, when i first considered the blog, what I really wanted was an advice column.  For the most part, I give really good advice.  Sometimes it is cut-throat, sometimes it is filled with compassion, but mostly it is stable and safe advice.  I was envisioning it as an Ann Landers/Dear Abby thing.  It hasn't happened yet, but that is because, dear readers, my sister and I need people with problems to write in to us and ask us to solve your problems!  We could be the Midwestern version of Dr. Phil, without a tv show, lost of money or any education.  What we have is pure wit and humor and a little common sense.  

What I find fascinating about this idea, is that my sister and I have very different views on things.  We haven't always gotten along in life, but find ourselves now reaching out to each other, wanting to reconnect and rediscover the joys of family!  Our lives have taken different paths which give us our different spicy view points.  Both are valid, both are logical, but sometimes they just don't work together! Growing older has its advantages because I can recognize her viewpoint without my head wanting to pop right off my body out of anger and frustration.  It is a power-source that should be harnassed!

I love my sister.  She is an amazing person.  You should get to know her too.  If you have any issues you want us to "solve", leave a comment on this blog and we will get back to you immediately.  (In Midwestern talk, that could be up to a week.)