The 2013 ESPYS (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly awards) took place last Wednesday, where all the top professional athletes gathered to acknowledge one another’s achievements.

Fans were able to vote online in 30 different categories regarding the best of the best athletes, teams and performances at the pro level. This was maybe the second or third year I have voted, and I was happy for the most part in regard to the winners.

Serena Williams was named Best Female Athlete and Best Female Tennis Player, both of which I voted her for. I  was very happy that she won in both of those categories because in my opinion nobody else deserves it more. Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic won Best Male Tennis Player, which he deserves as well.

The Best NFL Player went to Adrian Peterson, which is pretty exciting for all you Vikings fans. I personally voted for Aaron Rodgers, but if I were to compare how well each athlete performed last season, I would say Peterson had the better season. Peterson also won the Best Comeback award.

Michael Phelps was named Best Male Olympian as well as getting the Best Record Breaking Performance Award for being the most decorated Olympian of all time. He obviously deserves both of these awards, but I also thought he should have won the Best Male Athlete award, especially since he won four gold medals as well as two silver medals in the 2012 London Olympics. Lebron James ended up with the title of Best Male Athlete, but in my opinion, being one of the best athletes in the WORLD at six different swimming events is a lot bigger of an accomplishment than being one of the best basketball players in the U.S. Then again, James probably is one of the best basketball players in the World right now, so it’s somewhat debatable.

James also won the titles of Best NBA Player and Best Championship Performance, both of which I actually voted him for because he definitely deserves those two. The Miami Heat took the title of Best Team, and they also won the Best Game Award, for their exciting win over the Spurs in Game six of the NBA Finals.

Tiger Woods was named Best Golfer, which doesn’t make sense to me because he hasn’t even won a Major Championship since 2008.

Some more winners include Usain Bolt for Best International Athlete, Missy Franklin for Best Female Olympian, Sidney Crosby for Best NHL Athlete and Miguel Cabrera for Best MLB Player.