The American Red Cross launches a vehicle donation program

The American Red Cross wants old cars, snowmobiles, RVs, motorcycles, boats, tractors and jet skis, too. They don't even have to work.

On Monday, July 15, the Red Cross, in collaboration with Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA), launched a nationwide program to turn old vehicles into cash donations. The donor simply calls 855-9ARC CAR or goes to

IAA will make arrangements to pick up the vehicle and haul it away at no cost to the donor. The vehicle will be sold, and the donor's local Red Cross chapter will receive the proceeds. (The donor will get a tax receipt for the sale price of the car.)

The vehicle donation program is an easy way for a donor to get rid of an old vehicle and support the Red Cross at the same time. The proceeds from the vehicle's sale will help the Red Cross to fulfill its humanitarian mission. Making a vehicle donation is easy for donors:

Don't let old cars—or boats, or tractors, or jet skis—take up space. Donate them today, and help the Red Cross help your community.