I really hope at least one person who read the title of this column knows what I am referring to. If you don’t, please go to Youtube and search it. It’s a hilarious video of a sports reporter on a TV news program who gets a little nervous and fumbles with his words. Poor guy.

I thought the title also fit well with our paper’s publishing date this week. Independence Day is probably my second favorite holiday next to Christmas. It’s also a really good Will Smith movie. But I always enjoy the Fourth of July. Whether it’s spending time with the family, grilling with some friends, or celebrating America by watching colorful explosions in the sky, the Fourth is an annual activity almost every American looks forward to in the summer. It’s a blast.

But the best part of the Fourth is setting off fireworks. Roman candles, bottle rockets, firecrackers, mortars, you name it. I love playing with fireworks. If I won the lottery I would spend a good chunk of it on lighting off fireworks every night. So if you see me with a blown off hand next week, you will know why.

But on a more serious note, the deadline for the Play Ball edition of the newspaper is next Friday! I am putting together team photos of all the area summer baseball/softball teams, so if you want your team’s photo to be published in the paper, e-mail me if you haven’t already!!

Speaking of tennis, Wimbledon has been very exciting and I hope I’m not the only one watching the action. Within only the first couple of rounds, there were many injuries and upsets that left fans shocked. My favorite player, Roger Federer, lost in the second round to a Ukrainian player ranked 116th, which was unfortunate for Federer as the loss broke his record streak of 36 Grand Slam quarter-final appearances. Another upset was Rafael Nadal, who lost in his first match of the tournament which was also unheard of. And on July 1, American Serena Williams lost in the fourth round which ended her 34 match win streak. It’s been a very exciting Wimbledon that’s for sure. So who is going to win now that a lot of the top players are out? I would have picked Williams for the women’s, but now that she’s out I have no idea. For the men’s, there is no doubt in my mind the final match will be between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, where I believe Djokovic will win it all.