“Dig Into Reading,” our summer program, is in full swing at the library. Thus far 86 children have signed up and are improving their reading skills while earning small prizes.

“Dig Into Reading,” our summer program, is in full swing at the library. Thus far 86 children have signed up and are improving their reading skills while earning small prizes. The program runs through Aug. 3 and it is not too late to sign up. During the month of June, they have been “digging in the dirt,” growing small plants and keeping an eye on our ant farm and our worm farm. In July, we will begin to dig into the past and deal with fossils, rocks and dinosaurs.

Some of this new adult fiction at the library this month:

Ladies Night, by Mary Kay Andrews ~ Rising media star and lifestyle blogger Grace Stanton’s own life gets torpedoed after she drives her cheating husband’s sports car into the family swimming pool in a fit of anger. Soon she’s locked out of her own palatial home, checking account and blog, and forced to move in with her mother.

Sweet Salt Air, by Barbara Delinksky ~ The story of a woman who has a secret that may save the life of her best friend’s husband or destroy him. What the friends don’t know is that they are each holding a secret that may change their relationship forever.

The Quarryman’s Bride, by Tracie Peterson ~ The latest installment in Peterson’s Land of Shining Water series finds Emmalyne and Tavin separated by duty, yet bonded by love. Can they dare to dream that God could change the hearts of those keeping them apart?

Children of the Jacaranda Tree, by Sahar Delijani ~ A stunning debut novel set in post-revolutionary Iran that gives voice to the men, women and children who won a war only to find their lives and those of their descendants imperiled by its aftermath.

Joyland, by Stephen King ~ Set in a small-town North Carolina amusement park in 1973, “Joyland” tells the story of the summer in which college student Devin Jones comes to work as a carny and confronts the legacy of a vicious murder.

9th Girl, by Tami Hoag ~ Minneapolis detectives Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska are investigating a serial killer. They find what may be the ninth victim who was brutally disfigured by acid and apparently accidentally fell out of a trunk on the freeway where she was run over and killed.

Lost Daughters, by Mary Monroe ~ In the sequel to “The Upper Room,” Maureen Montgomery still can’t believe she was able to break away from her dominating Mama Ruby. But she will need to draw on more strength than she ever thought she had to make a future that is truly hers.

Lydia’s Hope, by Marta Perry ~ Three Amish sisters, separated when very young, know nothing about one another until a long-held secret is revealed. Lydia yearns to be united with the sisters she has never known, but will revealing herself to them tear their lives apart or enrich them beyond all imagining?

Silver Star, by Jeannette Walls ~ From one of the bestselling memoirists of all time, comes a stunning and heartbreaking novel about an intrepid girl who challenges the injustice of the adult world in a triumph of imagination and storytelling.

The Face of the Earth, by Deborah Raney ~ A man finds his wedding vows tested after his wife disappears. When Mitchell Brannon’s beloved wife of 20 years kisses him goodbye one morning, he has little idea that his life is about to change forever.

 Secrets She Left Behind, by Diane Chamberlain ~ One afternoon, single mother Sara Weston says that she’s going to the store and never returns. Her teenaged son is left alone with a damaged past and a legacy of secrets. Now the person Keith despises most, his half-sister, is the closest thing he has to family until Sara returns, if she returns.