One of the most prestigious and classy Grand Slam tennis events is under way in London. Wimbledon has always been one of my favorite tennis tournaments to watch. Whether it’s the all-white dress code, the fast paced grass courts, or the royal family cheering on the local native Andy Murray, Wimbledon is one of a kind.

I did some research-AKA I googled Wimbledon, and read some pretty interesting stuff about the event. It’s the oldest tennis tournament in the world, not to mention one of the oldest continually held sporting events in the world as well. It has been held at the All England Club since 1877. In comparison, the first Super Bowl was held in 1967, the first NBA championships was in 1947, and the first baseball World Series was in 1903. Besides the Olympics, the only other major sporting events I could find that are older than Wimbledon are the Kentucky Derby, rowing and Lacrosse events, and the Antient Silver Arrow archery event that has been held since 1673.

All of this information I found on Wikipedia: Wimbledon is the only Major played on grass, which is the game’s original court surface. The game was originally called “lawn tennis” and the courts today are sown with perennial ryegrass. The two main courts, which can seat up to 15,000 people, are used for only about two weeks a year. Some traditions of Wimbledon include eating strawberries and cream, tennis players being required to wear white clothing only, and players bowing to members of the Royal Family seated in the Royal Box.

Roger Federer, Pete Sampras and William Renshaw tie for the most Wimbledon titles in men’s singles with seven apiece. Meanwhile, Martina Navratilova holds the most for the ladies with nine.

But the best part of tennis is the well-mannered players. Everyone has respect for the player they’re playing against, which is something we don’t see much of anymore in a lot of sports. It’s just nice to watch an event where everyone is there for the love of the game. So if you watch the tube anytime between now and July 7, be sure to tune in to the Wimbledon action at some point.

I wanted to quickly mention the “Play Ball!” edition of the newspaper that I am working on. If you are a coach of a summer baseball/softball team, I need a photo of your team! We will be publishing photos of as many area teams as we can, so I would appreciate it if anyone can provide me with some team photos. I will try and take some photos myself in the next couple of weeks of some of the Sleepy Eye teams, but I don’t have schedules of some of the younger teams so I might not get to all of you. So please e-mail me with some team photos! Thanks!