The District 84 Board of Education met on June 13 and discussed the integration of iPads into the classroom along with several other items.

The District 84 Board of Education met on June 13 and discussed the integration of iPads into the classroom along with several other items.

The good news items included the new refinished gym floor, as well as the successful State Golf Meet for the three Sleepy Eye Public School girls.

Jeanine Backer presented her high school career exploration project, which involves various plans for students this upcoming school year. One plan includes having a career fair with professionals, who would work with students to give them a vision of what they want to do in the future.

Superintendent John Cselovszki reviewed a few details regarding the 2013-14 budget, which was already officially presented. The board also discussed some new items on the health and safety budget. The school will be installing new classroom door locks soon. The new locks will allow teachers to lock the door from inside the classroom in the event of a lockdown. Another item on the budget was handrails for the football stadium bleachers, along with new surveillance system equipment for safety.

The biggest budget item discussed was the integration of iPads into the classroom. Teachers will be the first to use iPads, and will learn to use them this upcoming school year. Students will then be able to use iPads next year, starting with upperclassmen. Within five years, the entire student body will be using them.

The action items that were approved were:

Health and Safety budgets for 2013-2015 by finance code;SEPS bus services for summer school;Nursing services agreement for 2013-14;Resolution for 2013-14 membership to the Minnesota State High School League;High school English teacher contract for Addison Sadler, high school math/intervention teacher contract for Jeanine Backer, Amber Dell-Green as high school counselor, high school Special Education teacher Nichole Voigt, art teacher Alyssa Matteis;Title III consortium with St. James for 2013-14;MREA membership for 2013-14;Teacher on call as the substitute provider for the district;Contract with Edie Bailly for audit services fiscal year 2013;Addison Sadler as prom advisor;Resignation of Matt Hardin as JH boys basketball coach and Jordan Rathman as assistant tennis coach;2013-14 budget;Health and Safety policy as recommended by MSBA;Approve the following policies reviewed by the committee: 201 (legal status of the school board), 202 (school board officers), 205 (open meetings and closed meetings), 207 (public hearings), 209 (code of ethics), 210 (conflict of interest-School board members), 514 (bullying prohibition policy);Adult Basic Education Cooperative agreement with District 77 for 2013-14;Adjust 2012-13 school calendar to reflect April 19 snow make up for teaching staff, students did not make up the day;Donation from Schmid family of $200 for library use.