I have left that world behind for summer, and am considering it for life...

I have always enjoyed being in people's business.  It makes conversations with my Mom pretty good when I can banter back and forth with her about all the people in her town that have going-ons that she might care about.  I realized three summers ago though that it didn't make me any more happy to know this stuff, in fact, it caused a lot of irritating feelings to arise and my judgementalism came out full-force.  So, I quit!  I quit Facebook and it was amazing.  I had a summer to enjoy myself away from the computer which was taking up so much of my time.

By the end of the summer I realized that it wasn't Facebook that was my problem, it was my lack of self-control, so I got back on, deleted people I didn't really know (who were my "friends") and started again.  The next summer I did the same thing.  However, going back to it almost felt gross, dirty, wrong.  But I did, because I lack self control.

This summer I got off and miss it a little.  However, I am seriously considering staying off of it.  The people I want in my life have my number and can text me or (as I would prefer) call.  I don't need to be connected all the time.  It is a tad ridiculous.  

As I am about to write this post I saw an article from Forbes online from Tim Maurer.  I highly suggest you read it because it is exactly my thoughts, from him!  www.forbes.com