Over the moon about a man? Tell him!

I adore my husband.  I know women who do not adore their husbands, they can't even stand the sight of him and that makes me sad.  It makes me wonder how they got to that place.  My husband is an amazing man, and has been since I met him. He quietly takes charge of situations without yelling or bullying.  He is respectful and kind and polite.  He is honest and hard-working and smart.  He doesn't demoralize me or our daughters.  He spends time with us and enjoys our company.  I am happy to share him with our daughters because I want them to know that there are genuninely "good guys" out there.  I am glad that I can boast about the love I share with my husband.  We don't always get along.  I am strong-willed and pig-headed.  He has a temper.  I don't like to be told what to do, and he has very clear ideas of what needs to get done.  However, we have worked our issues out over and over again and continue to build our relationship.  When I first married this man I thought that it would be easy to love him AND LIVE WITH HIM.  The first year proved difficult, the second even more so!  Everything became much more annoying.  But then and there I had to realize how hard he worked to provide for me and our home.  Every year things pop up that we didn't expect.  I thought our recent kitchen remodel would be the beginning of us not getting along, but we worked through it.  I worried 7 years ago that our marriage couldn't last the grief of the death of our daughter, but here we are, being open and honest with each other over and over again.  

Relationships are hard, they take time and effort is required of those involved.  I was reminded of this a lot the first year of marriage by our marriage counselor.  He reminded us to be thankful for each other even in the small stuff, not to take that for granted.  Tonight I was reminded of that.  I was digging through old photos for over an hour when I realized that I should be making supper.  When I went into the kitchen, supper was almost ready to be served and he was happily cleaning up the mess that was made and was setting the table.  He is a doer and I love that!  He sees a need in our family and fills it!  Yay husband!

I hope that as this time of Father's Day rolls around you are able to seek out the men in your lives that have been remarkable men.  Please take the time to tell them that you are over the moon about them.  It may just be what the relationship needs!