I am new to this whole "learn what is in your kitchen" thing.  I had no idea that there were different oils for different uses until yesterday when I was going to pour some olive oil into the pan and start frying some potatoes.  My husband asked me if that was the correct oil or if we should use grapeseed.  

He was met with a look of bewilderment, and then it concerned him that I hadn't answered yet but instead was staring into the vastness of our cupboard with crazy eyes, an overwhelming sense of unsureness.  

He encouraged me to read the label on the front, and wouldn't you know?  It TELLS YOU what to use the oil for!  We used to use vegetable oil for everything, or butter.  Then we just used butter, real butter, the good wonderful tasting tried and true butter.  Then my husbands cholesterol skyrocketed (not just from butter but the processed fats we were eating) and we cut back on frying with butter, we turned then to olive oil.  

Now it seems we have so much oil in the cupboard that I spend at least 5 minutes making a decision as to what oil to use.  I am not a professional oil user, yet.  But give me time.

In case you are looking for some real information in this post, let me give you the facts:

Bertolli Classico Olive Oil (currently in our cupboard) is for sauces, roasting and grilling and all purpose cooking.  We would typically use this for fried potatoes, chicken, and our pasta sauce.

Pompeian Grapeseed Oil is for stir-frying, deep frying, sauteing and baking.  We would use this in our stir-fry, and when we like sauteed onions or mushrooms in our casseroles (hot dishes for you folks up north) and in our cake mixes (if this wife wasn't sugar free and still made cake out of mixes).

Happy frying!  Or sauteeing!