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  • Saturday will be my granddaughter Caitlin’s sixth birthday.
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  • Saturday will be my granddaughter Caitlin’s sixth birthday.
    She came into the world on a beautiful, warm, sunny day. She brought with her a little piece of heaven and I cannot imagine my world without her. Even though I do not get to see them as often as I’d like, it makes the time that much more special when we are together.
    I had to laugh about a month ago when I made the mistake of asking her if she was going to like kindergarten next year in school. With a look on her little face she boldly told me, “Grandma! I’m already in kindergarten.
    Next year I’ll be in first grade!” “OHH, you’re so right!” I said. “But you are still my little Tootie!” I don’t know how time can travel so fast when all we wish for is more, time that is, to spend with family doing fun things and creating memories. We’ll just have to create another memory this weekend during her birthday. I think bowling is on the agenda.
    Can you believe looking out the window Wednesday morning that you are seeing the snow falling? And, that we are predicted to get six-to-nine inches of wet heavy snow.
    Happy May Day! I can hear Mother Nature just roaring with laughter... she is just reminding us she’s still in control and no matter how much the farmers want to be in the field, she will have the last say.
    I saw farmers out over the weekend and on Tuesday trying to get the precious seed into the ground all the while praying it will take root and provide a great crop come fall. We are reminded that there is a time and a season for everything. The weather will come when it is time for farmers to be out and they will enjoy the sun on their backs as they labor in working the ground and planting the seed. For them a sigh of relief in that the seed is in the ground and then tending the fields until they are ready for harvest.
    Last Saturday provided another slice of heaven in the weather as St. Mary’s students celebrated their annual prom. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for their day. I hope they all had an opportunity to create memories they will carry with them. Unfortunately I don’t think Sleepy Eye Public students will enjoy the same weather. We can pray that Mother Nature will bestow upon them more of the same as was last Saturday.
    Thought for the week: It’s hard to beat a day in which you are permitted the luxury of four sunsets. – John Glenn, (referring to his 1962 orbital space flight).
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