There has been so much coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings that one has to wonder when will it end?

There has been so much coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings that one has to wonder when will it end?

Does the media play into future scenes of violence because so much information is readily available in real time?

I realize that is our job. The reason media has been around for hundreds of years is to bring the news to the people and Sleepy Eye had a real connection to the marathon through John and Mary Maas.

If this had taken place last year, Mary could have been crossing the finish line about the time the bomb exploded. That thought alone must put life into perspective.

This week, Pastor Bob Jueckstock from New Hope Church paid a tribute to the emergency workers not only at the Boston bombings, but here too, Sleepy Eye's very own emergency personnel who every day are ready to take the call to help someone in need. They do it without thinking of their own safety. BUT, the first rule in emergency response in every training session is scene safety! Putting yourself at risk and rushing into a scene before assessing if it's safe to enter is not helping potential victims or your team.

Another disaster last week was the explosion in the tiny town of West Texas. Those communities lost first responders and firefighters because they were on the scene fighting the fire when a second explosion occurred and took their lives. Maybe that situation couldn't have had a different outcome... maybe we'll never know.

Over the last 10 days there have been more disasters too, not only crazy weather patterns, but earthquakes around the world, particularly in the region of China. Western Sichuan, China experienced a 6.6 magnitude earthquake on April 20 beginning at 7:20 p.m. (our time) and they continued on throughout the day ranging from that strongest magnitude, down to a 4.8 magnitude.

One has to wonder what is the meaning of so much death and destruction in such a short period. Is it just the fact that we hear of it so much faster through the news?

Does our hearing of the deaths and disasters make us live our lives any differently? Or do we just go about our daily business as if nothing like that could ever happen in our small community? Do we change our pattens of tasks to include some kindness to someone else just because you never know what tomorrow will bring? My guess is, sadly we don't. We feel we are in a bubble of safety... ignorance is bliss and Sleepy Eye is a sleepy little town where nothing like that could ever happen here. Or could it? And, more importantly would you be ready?

Thought for the week: In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it. – Marianne Williamson.