Last weekend, the latest X Games event was held in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. The best players in the world put their skills to the test in various skateboarding, BMX biking, and moto-cross racing events. As a kid, the skateboarding scene was my life: I had my own skateboard, I collected and played with mini skateboards and ramps, and of course, played countless hours of Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the Nintendo 64. Thankfully I have moved on since then, but I can still say with certainty that I will continue to be a fan of the X Games and these types of sports for my entire life.

Being a motorcyclist, a mountain biker and a snowboarder, I can sort of relate and appreciate what these athletes endure with these sports. At the same time, I would never have enough guts to attempt anything they do. The skateboarding big air, for example, is basically just a massive ramp that skaters fly down at a near vertical angle, followed by a huge jump that they do tricks over, hoping to land thereafter. Maybe I would try it if I was wrapped in bubble wrap.

It’s just mind-blowing some of the feats that the human being can do, not to mention the courage and mind strength that these athletes have in order to do these stunts is incredible as well. In October 2012, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch skydiver Felix Baumgartner free fall from the highest point anyone has ever jumped from before. Of course I wasn’t there in person, but it was still pretty cool to watch the live stream of it online. He broke a few World Records with this successful jump.

Another daredevil stunt that is way more dangerous than skydiving is wingsuit flying. It’s similar to skydiving, only the jumpers wear a suit that adds surface area to their body so they can fly around. Recently, professional BASE-jump athlete Alexander Polli flew himself through a small hole in a mountainside in Spain during one of his stunts. He was flying at about 155 miles an hour. Talk about a risky stunt.

But I’m getting sidetracked. These daredevil events aren’t in X Games. That would be pretty crazy if they were.

My favorite X Games event is probably the snowboard superpipe during the Winter X Games. It’s basically a massive half pipe of snow that snowboarders do tricks on. Shaun White is pretty much my hero when it comes to X Games. He is the best trick snowboarding athlete in the world, with 15 X Games medals and two Olympic gold medals. He is just insane at some of the epic tricks he can pull off. Also, instead of being arrogant and full of himself like some athletes would be with his status, he’s apparently a super nice guy which makes me have so much respect for him. Can you say man crush?

So, if you have never watched the X Games before, I encourage you to do so. You can always go on Youtube and watch videos there too. It’s great to see these types of sports still have a lot of popularity because they are sort of uncommon in the sports world and are more tailored for the younger crowd. But in reality, anyone of any age can enjoy them.

I also wanted to mention briefly that it looks like we might finally get some spring sporting events underway next week. I think the whole winter straight to summer theory might happen because I saw a high of 72 degrees for this weekend. Warm weather is finally here!