Moving the garden and spicing it up calls for extra help!

My darling husband and I talked last night about our "dreams" for the garden.  Tomatoes, kale, beans, herbs galore!  Then reality hit and we realized that first we build it, THEN THEY COME!!!!  (An Iowa joke).  So, here is our plan:

Till up the roughly 7 foot by 14 foot area of grass that will be our garden. 

Build the raised beds up to but not over the landscaping blocks that are already there.  As my hubby pointed out, if you build it higher the dirt will run out into our patio when it rains.  So, the beds will be 15 inches high or less.  There will be two of them, each 2 1/2 wide by 14 feet long, seperated by a 2 foot path in between for easier weeding.

Fill the extra dirt from the area into the beds, add some gravel for drainage.  

Dig in the paving stones around the 7x14 foot perameter so they are level with the grass so we can mow right over the top of them.  Add mulch to the path, and possibly some stepping stones.

Buy plants for garden and move plants current garden location.  

For the record, two men have been hired.  One to till up the land, one to help us build the boxes.