It’s not every day you get to see a wheelchair basketball game.

It’s not every day you get to see a wheelchair basketball game.

But on April 13 it became a reality when the Sleepy Eye Lion’s Club hosted a wheelchair basketball game between the Southwest Minnesota State University Mustangs and the Sleepy Eye All-Stars.

The competition was held at Sleepy Eye Public School where a packed crowd gathered to watch. For the first half, the Sleepy Eye team was made up of high school basketball players from both Sleepy Eye schools. The third quarter was played by both school’s faculty members, with Jerry Neubauer and John Cselovszki leading the way. Members of the Sleepy Eye Fire Department also played for a while. Alumni from both schools played in the fourth quarter.

The half time event included a paper airplane toss competition. The person that landed their plane closest to the target won a miniature basketball and backboard.

Sleepy Eye ended winning 158-122, but most of the points were scored by crowd members buying a point for a dollar apiece.

Honorary coaches for the Sleepy Eye team were Maria Gonzalez and Tim Milliard.

Along with the game, there was also food and refreshments available before the game and there was a silent auction that was held throughout the event. All proceeds went toward the Sleepy Eye Area schools, along with the wheelchair basketball team.