Lately I have wondered how to store all those sheets and pillowcases for our household.  They are taking over all the containers I use for them and they are beginning to look a little ragged.  Right now I have three small children who have different sized beds.  One has a twin, one has a full and one has a queen.  We are working on getting them all into full/queen size so that we can rid ourselves of unnessessary clutter.  That will happen within the next month so i decided to be proactive and decide how to store all the linens.  

Logically speaking (from this sassy spice girl) I would think that storing them in the respective rooms would be great, but when I change the sheets, I do all the beds at one time, so I would like the linens to be kept in a central location.  Someday when my girls are changing their own sheets, then they will know exactly where to find them.

Second, I just read that Martha Stewart suggests storing the sheets (both fitted and flat) inside one pillowcase, then tucking in the other pillowcase.  Now, this dear lady clearly has not seen what a mess I can make of a fitted sheet, so my challenge in the next month is to check out her website and learn the proper way to fold a fitted sheet.

Has anyone tried the "stuff it all in a pillowcase" idea with success?

Lastly, I don't want any more than two sets of sheets per bed (that is 8 sets of sheets including the master bed), and I have this strange compulsion that my sheets and pillowcases must match, not necessarily matchy matchy but they have to work together.  My husband's suggestion is "off-white" sheets for everyone and I think he has a point.  Then when the mood strikes me and I start painting the bedrooms, the sheets will still relatively work!

If you have any ideas for storing linens not listed above I would love to hear them!