Hubby and I have become pretty doggone good lately at observing the great outdoors from our respective recliners.

Hubby and I have become pretty doggone good lately at observing the great outdoors from our respective recliners.

Don’t judge.

Those of us who have been bitten by the bug can attest that bird watching is a great hobby–it’s educational, and fun. And to get started, all you have to do is watch birds.

Easy, right?

While this is a rather sedentary pastime and Lord knows we could use a little more physical activity in our lives, it is something that we’ve found we can enjoy both separately and together.

This new adventure happened sort of on a whim.

About a month ago I was digging in boxes I still haven’t unpacked and found a bird feeder that my mom had gotten me this past Christmas. The feeder holds a block of suet and hangs with suction cups from a window.

Since I’ve hung it up, bird watching has became our pleasant recliner pastime. Now we sit in our chairs and watch the birds flock to feed during commercial breaks. We even recently added another new feeder to the yard. One that doesn’t encourage the birds to try to fly through our window causing Hubby to be scraped from the ceiling.

However, finding the feeder wasn’t exactly the reason we started watching birds.

This winter we began noticing a neighborhood squirrel and sort of became attached to him. We watched his patterns daily, which, thinking about it now, may have appeared to our neighbors like we had some sort of vigilante neighborhood watch program.

As the winter wore on and we become accustomed to our neighborhood guest, we named him–Squirrelly.

A while later Hubby brought home a bag of birdseed saying he was going to feed the squirrel.

I mentioned it may be more advantageous if we put an ear of corn on the squirrel feeder nailed to a tree in the front yard.

“We have a squirrel feeder?” he asked.

That got Hubby excited and prompted us to purchase squirrel food. It’s actually a “Log O’ Corn.”The advertising on the package said it was as good as 98 ears of corn in one log.


We tromped across our snowfilled yard to place the log on the squirrel feeder and waited for him to find it.

One morning I was opening the curtains to see Squirrelly shimmy down the tree right past the “Log O’ Corn.”

“The stupid squirrel doesn’t like our corn log,” I text to Chris.

“Give it time,” he texted back.

To our remorse, there must be a reason the corn log is equivalent to 98 ears of corn–the squirrel HATES it. Just days ago Hubby put bird seed around it to attract his attention. Sure enough it got his attention, but only long enough for him to eat the bird seed and scurry away.

So far Squirrelly has left the bird feeders alone, but it’s not for lack of trying.

What’s worse, Squirrelly has invited three of his friends to our yard and they are not helping him eat the “Log O’ Corn.” Instead they frolick from tree to tree chasing away the birds.

In and of itself, feeding the birds is no great alliance with Mother Nature. But it has given me a greater appreciation for Hubby. I really appreciate that he no longer channel flips during commercial breaks now that he is busy watching birds.

It’s a win/win situation for both of us.

Given that there is plenty of tasty stuff around for birds to eat, they could swoop down in almost anybody’s yard and feast. But thanks to Squirrelly and a random purchase of bird seed, they have chosen our yard.