Twenty-one members of the Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter were interviewed Feb. 20 for their Agricultural Proficiencies and State FFA Degree applications.

Twenty-one members of the Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter were interviewed Feb. 20 for their Agricultural Proficiencies and State FFA Degree applications.

All 16 members who applied to receive their State FFA Degree were accepted and will receive their degree during the Minnesota State FFA Convention which will be held April 27-30. The State FFA Degree is given to the top members of a State FFA Association. In order to receive a State Degree, certain qualifications must be met. Those include having a Chapter FFA Degree, being an active FFA member, completing at least two years of agricultural classroom instruction, having earned and invested at least $2,000 or worked 300 hours through an SAE, as well as completing at least 25 hours of community service.

This year’s Sleepy Eye FFA members who will receive their State Degrees are Sam Krebsbach, Emily Kjelshus, Isaac Braun, Brady Brazle, Tia Cselovszki, Katelyn Johnson, Josh Kotten, Brandon Kral, Tiffany Ludewig, John Mangen, Matt Schroepfer, Jake Trebesch, Jenna Soukup, Kari Schumacher, Dylan Dockter and Abby Walter.

The Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their Supervised Agricultural Experience Projects, have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers. These students work vigorously in keeping records of hours, wages, expenses and investments. Through filling out a proficiency application, students learn valuable information that they will utilize in the future. Sleepy Eye had eight Regional Winners and 13 Gold Applications!

Sleepy Eye members who received awards were Jake Trebesch with Beef Production Entrepreneurship - 2nd Place (Gold), Jamie Fischer with Beef Production Entrepreneurship - 3rd Place (Gold), Brandon Roiger with Ag. Education and Home and/or Community Development - 1st Place (Gold), Josh Kotten with Diversified Ag. Production Placement - 1st Place (Gold), Ashley Helget with Diversified Ag. Production Placement - 3rd Place (Silver), Sabrina Portner with Dairy Production Entrepreneurship - 1st Place (Gold), Sam Krebsbach with Ag. Sales Placement - 1st Place (Gold), Emily Kjelshus with Ag. Services Placement - 2nd Place (Gold), Tia Cselvoski with Equine Entrepreneurship - 1st Place (Gold), Katelyn Johnson with Dairy Production Placement - 2nd Place (Gold), Brandon Kral with Specialty Animal Production Entrepreneurship -2nd Place (Gold), Matt Schroepfer with Diversified Crop Production Placement - 1st Place (Gold), and Jessica Busch with Ag. Communications Placement - 1st Place (Gold).

The third competition of the day was for the Region Star Awards. The Region Star represents the best of the best among hundreds of State FFA Degree recipients. Finalists for this award have mastered skills in production, finance, management and/or research. This year’s candidates from the Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter were Tia Cselovszki (Region VI Star in Agribusiness); Matt Schroepfer (Region VI Runner-Up for Star in Ag. Production Placement); and Jake Trebesch (Region VI Star Farmer Candidate).

Since Tia Cselovszki was selected for the Region Star in Agribusiness, she will be interviewed by the State Star Selection Committee in late March. The winner of this competition will be announced at the State FFA Convention in April at the University of Minnesota.