The Miss Sleepy Eye coronation will be held Saturday, March 9 at the Eagles Orchid Inn beginning at 7 p.m. Courtney Schneider, Miss Sleepy Eye 2012, will give up her title to a newly crowned Miss Sleepy Eye and her attendants.

Katelyn, 17, is the daughter of Lee and Judy Johnson and attends Sleepy Eye Public School.

At school Katelyn is active in tennis, band, FFA and 4-H. In the community she is part of the Dairy Ambassador Program and is a board member of the Co-ops Yes Youth.

In her spare time Katelyn likes to cook and work on the farm.

She wanted to take part in the Miss Sleepy Eye program for the experience.

"I want to put a positive face to Sleepy Eye, and my sister also said she had a great experience," Katelyn said.