Find out if laminate flooring is right for your home

Designing your home and selecting materials are complicated tasks. With so many options and materials from which to choose, it could make your head spin. Laminate flooring is a recent star in the building materials line-up. Discover the answer to, “What is laminate flooring?”, and decide if the material is right for your home.

What is laminate? Laminate refers to layers of materials that are fused together. In the case of laminate flooring, there are several layers that make up one single floor. Each layer serves a unique purpose and they’re fused together in a traffic-, dirt- and water-resistant manner.

What are the layers in laminate flooring? There are at least four basic layers in a laminate floor, according to the North American Laminate Floor Association:

The first layer is an underlayment of soft cushiony pad. This gives the floor a comfortable feel, creates a smooth base for the flooring, offers moisture protection and also eliminates the harsh echo that could occur with a hard durable surface.

The second layer is made of a plastic or melamine resin for strength, stability and additional moisture resistance.

The core is usually an engineered wood product like high-density fiberboard. This material gives additional stability and durability as well as impact resistance.

The fourth layer from the bottom is the bang for the buck. This layer contains the decorative image that can range from stone to wood to concrete. The quality of the image depends upon the company and the cost. Today, the laminates available are very realistic and natural looking.

The topmost protective wear layer is crucial. This is the layer that serves as an armor and shield for the rest of the layers. A quality laminate will be very resistant to dragged chairs, pointy high heels and the family pets.

Versatile value. Laminate flooring is an excellent option for flooring. The product is long lasting, durable and attractive. Laminate flooring can be used in any room of the house, thanks to the water-resistant nature of the material. Additionally, laminate flooring comes in so many styles and colors that it is bound to suit anyone’s design preference.
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