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  • No matter what is happening in life; hectic schedule, lots to get done, or pervasive concern, having children close by, is uplifting.
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  • No matter what is happening in life; hectic schedule, lots to get done, or pervasive concern, having children close by, is uplifting. Children have amazing energy. At times, for some, the energy is a challenge, but when we allow ourselves to be present with children, their energy becomes infectious. The other day we cleared our driveway and created some big piles of snow. The kids were excited to get out and play on them. They got their entire winter gear on in merely minutes and rushed out the door. Mother nature brought snow and they fully welcomed the moment, taking advantage of the opportunity. Watching their smiles, laughter and teamwork, as they tried hard to climb up the steep hills, sliding down with and without a sled, and then working together to fill the sled with chunks of snow and attempting to haul it to the top, was a joy! Their appreciation was a great lesson. Rather than complaining about the cold, ice or snow, or finding fault with the present, they embraced it wholeheartedly. Children seem to have these skills. Living for right now. Believing that much is possible. I enjoy that. It is such an optimistic outlook. I was fortunate to lend a hand at school this past week, helping in the library. The library is in a semi-secluded area in the center of the elementary school~ a peaceful place. Checking out books for students was my main duty, but with that came the opportunity to learn kids’ names, what they like to read, why they pick the books they do and anything else they wanted to share. All I had to do was check their books in or out, and listen. I learned that one boy would like to help in the library when he gets a little older, and that another was very excited to read about a leopard. One student imagined if a fictional story was really true, another carefully contemplated what subject he’d be most interested in and eventually and elatedly, after much dedication and effort, found a book on that topic. Young children enjoyed telling me their names and bigger kids enjoyed when I knew their names. Children were coming in and out throughout the day with such great excitement for life and finding new books ~ it was such an exhilarating place to be. Paying special attention to children and their thoughts and actions, makes me forget about the seriousness of every day life. It helps me remember what is most important. I hope you get to enjoy some time with a child soon. While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. ~ Angela Schwindt
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