Kristi took her designs to a Paris fashion show where she came in second place among other upcoming designers.

Born and raised in Sleepy Eye by parents Dave and Mardi Vosbeck, when Kristi graduated from Sleepy Eye Public High School in 1999, her dreams were far removed from fashion and design.

She majored in International Relations in college, eventually moving to San Diego where she received a paralegal certificate from the University of San Diego and began working as a paralegal.

While studying for her Law School Admission Test (LSAT) she took a part-time job at a boutique where she reconnected with her love of fashion. While working at the boutique she began working on designing a velvet jacket.

"I had a moment when I thought, 'I really enjoy this and I can't imagine going into law and being surrounded by books all the time,'" Kristi said.

It was then that she decided to apply for admission into design school, telling herself that if she was accepted she would change course.

When she was accepted to Parsons Design School in Manhattan, her next hurdle was to tell her parents of her plans. At first she said her parents seemed shocked at the change of direction, but were always supportive in her decision.

"It was definitely exciting with moments of indecision," Kristi recalled.

She graduated from design school in 2008 and began interviewing for jobs. After several interviews that went well, but did not result in employment, she did some soul searching and realized that doing her own designs is where her passion was.

Shortly thereafter she opened her own design company, Kristi Vosbeck, designing a brand of women's luxury cocktail ready-to-wear evening wear. Her designs are sold online ( and in high-end boutiques.

One of Kristi's signature pieces is a lace halter dress with silk brocade, a built in bustier and lace that goes into a halter shape and closes at the top.

"It's a version of that little black dress that every woman should own," Kristi said.

In July of 2012, Kristi and her mom, Mardi, traveled to Paris where Kristi's designs were on the runway at the Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge event. The event featured upcoming designers from across the globe where Kristi earned second place honors for her designs.

Her designs aren't limited to cocktail dresses. Kristi also designs gowns, one that was sent to Michelle Obama for consideration at the Inaugural Ball. While Michelle Obama didn't choose Kristi's gown for the ball, she said she's hoping that Michelle will eventually find an occasion to wear her design.

Kristi works with a public relations agent, who has been advertising Kristi's designs to celebrities as a way to get her name and brand known. While Kristi said it would be flattering to have a celebrity wear her brand, she recently saw one of her friends wearing a dress Kristi designed and it left her breathless.

"My intention (with my designs) is to have someone feel beautiful when she wears one of my gowns," Kristi said.

Kristi just recently finished a photo shoot for the 2013-14 collection modeled after Sherlock Holmes cozy glamor. A signature item for this collection is a plaid cape with a leather insert.

Ultimately, Kristi said her goals are to be sustainable from her designs and to grow.

"I really have found what I love and I want to continue to perfect the craft," she said.

Kristi currently lives in Brooklyn with her fiance Myles Sorensen, who, despite having a very Minnesota name, grew up in San Jose.

She says she owes her gratitude for living her dream to her parents and family and the Sleepy Eye community who has supported her in this journey.

Kristi is also on Facebook for those who would like to follow her at