Is there really a good part?

Is there really a good part? For the past two weeks we were managing some awful sicknesses at our house; first my son had it, then my daughter. I don’t enjoy when my kiddos hurt, have trouble sleeping at night because they are all stuffed up, or move about in a less than normal energetic spirit. But, what I did enjoy was slowing our pace and settling in to our moments.

It’s not easy to slow down in a hurry-up world. Sometimes it seems challenging to just clear a few things on a calendar. But when kids are sick, the calendar is wiped clean, no problem; appointments changed, commitments and activities adjusted or cancelled, and everyone seems so understanding.

Each day the children were sick, we began our morning with notices to school and then settled in to the rhythm of the day. Staying in our pajamas for as long as we wanted, we would slowly make breakfast together, visiting, laughing, giving comforting hugs and eating our breakfast as we looked out at the snow-covered yard. Watching our kittens jump around and climb the trees, noticing what birds flew by, appreciating the flakes falling and spotting some great icicles or other wonders of nature. I would share some winter stories from when I was little and the kiddos would share stories about happenings at school. Our stories continued throughout the day and sometimes we just sat quietly too, because that’s just how we felt.

Moving slowly, we’d do some calm coloring activity or art project, work on some math and reading, and then rest a bit with a movie. We’d be wrapped up and cuddling under a light blanket, the house heated so cozy from the wood-burning fireplace, feeling so close and calm ~ life couldn’t seem much fuller! When kiddos are sick, and some things are out of our hands, the reassurance of having them close, to at least fill them with love and comfort can put a parent’s mind at ease.

Warm baths with a lighted candle nearby and more opportunities for shared stories, forts built so comfy we nap under them, feet rubbed, pillows propped ~ creating cozy was our focus. Lunch when we were ready and soup for dinner. Family card games and Yahtzee were even part of our routine.

I’m not wishing for anyone to be sick, but when you’ve got it, make the most of it. “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Within these yucky bugs we are getting, there is an opportunity to stop running and enjoy some family time. It grounds and heals us!