This week Hubby has been in Las Vegas.

This week Hubby has been in Las Vegas.

It's always been something he's wanted to do and something I've never had the desire to do. I'm busy at work this time of year which causes him to feel abandoned. When the opportunity arose I told him to go and he didn't ask twice.

His buddy and him decided to share a bag as carry on. It saved them money, they said, adding they were only going to be gone for five days.

"Really all I need is a couple of t-shirts and a change of underwear," Hubby explained.

Hubby began feeling left out when it seemed everyone he knew was taking a trip except for us.

When this opportunity arose both of us were excited, but for very different reasons. He was going on a winter trip he regretted not deciding to take earlier and I was looking forward to some "me" time.

Since we've moved to Sleepy Eye and I don't have a 60-mile round trip to work each day, I've been missing my 60 minutes alone per day.

I dropped him off in St. James Monday afternoon to catch a ride with his buddy to the airport. With a quick kiss I sent him packing. I looked in the rear view mirror to see him looking a little dejected. I blew him a kiss and waved as I drove away.

Finally...freedom for a whole week! I am in sole control of when and what I want to cook for supper, my bedtime and most importantly, the remote control!

After arriving home from work Monday evening first things first. Hubby had been digging in unpacked boxes to find important things for his trip–like the movie Hang Over that he had to watch the night before he left.

He left a mess and it showed me how much more unpacking we still had to do.

I turned on every light in the house (something that Hubby frowns upon), cranked the music and dedicated most of the evening to unpacking and organizing.

Several hours later I looked at my phone to see I'd missed a few texts from Hubby. Figuring he wanted to rub it in that he was on vacation and I wasn't, I ignored the text for an hour more, relishing my "me" time.

When I finally looked at the text I felt bad for initially ignoring them. He told me a dense fog blanketed the area resulting in the delay of his flight and possible cancellation.

I quickly text back asking what they planned to do if the flight was cancelled. To my relief he said they would stay at the airport and catch the next available flight.

Eventually by 10:30 p.m. his last text wished me a good night as he was sure I was getting ready to go to bed, (I didn't tell him that I had just finished my tasks and was sitting down to eat a very late dinner) and he would text me in the morning to let me know if he got off the ground.

The following morning a text read: Got to Vegas. Going to bed. The time date stamp said 3 a.m.

Since he landed in Vegas I haven't heard much from him.

He reminded me that Vegas is two hours behind so with the time change it would be difficult to communicate, as if he was traveling internationally instead of a two-hour time difference.

Last night my dinner consisted of a bowl of popcorn with a long lost friend–the remote.

Alas, already tomorrow is Friday when Hubby will disembark.

Time sure does fly when you are having fun!