My son recently was allowed to have his own cell phone.

My son recently was allowed to have his own cell phone.

I was excited because it gave me more of an opportunity to talk to him on a regular basis since he lives with his father in International Falls.

Before I would call the family’s home phone and listen to an answering machine. Now, instead I listen to my son’s voice mail.

He prefers to text. I’m not complaining–texting is still communicating.

Lately he’s been feeling me out to see how much technology he can convince me he is in dire need of.

First it began with him telling me­–I mean texting me–that the computer that he has at his dad’s is a ‘dinosaur.’

“Now that you have an iPad can I have your laptop?” he asked by text.

When that tactic was not working he switched gears.

“I was thinking about getting an iPhone to use as an iPod. Do you think that would work?” When I asked him why he wouldn’t just get an iPod the reason behind his thinking became clear.

He thought that if he bought the iPhone I would hook him up under my cellular plan.

When I asked him if he could continue to give me at least $75 a month to support his plan he decided it would make more sense to get an iPod.

As a last ditch effort he came straight out and said he was short $100 for the iPod he wanted and wondered if I would give it too him.

Absolutely NOT!

I offered a few suggestions of how he could raise the money and he said he had tried those and failed.

Several days later when I called the home phone to speak with him I asked why he had been ignoring my texts and voice mails.

“My cell ran out of battery,” he answered.

Yeah, right. Since when does a teenager let their cell battery go dead—it’s their lifeline for God’s sake!

Mason asked about the laptop, iPod and iPhone one more time before telling me he didn’t know anything new and he had to go.

Hubby assures me that life will only get more difficult (and more expensive) with Mason before it gets better.

I can only hope the next 13 years go just as fast as the first 13.