Legal notices as publish in the Sleepy Eye Herald-Dispatch on Jan 10 2013.

Notice of Public Hearing
Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment

Notice is hereby given, that the City Council of the City of Sleepy Eye will hold a public hearing at 12:00 noon, January 24, 2013, in the Council Chambers, 200 Main Street East, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085, to consider the rezoning of Lots 1 & 2, Block 1, Parkview Addition from Multi-Family to Business Industrial.
Such person as desire to be heard with reference to the proposed zoning amendment will be heard at this hearing.

By Order of the City Council
Mark Kober, City Manager

Dated: December 3, 2012

Published in the Sleepy Eye Herald-Dispatch Jan. 10, 2013.