For the past couple of weeks I’ve been diligently focused on getting organized.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been diligently focused on getting organized.

I must be making some progress, but I do feel like I keep moving things around~ toys, arts and crafts, tables, chairs, shelves, etc., continue to move in and out of rooms, the house or rearranged in various storage bins, until I can find just the right spot for them.

Where will they be used most? Do we even play with or use them anymore? These are some of the questions that keep running through my head. So the items go in one room and then out again, upstairs and then down again ~ it must be a funny-looking scene.

Comfortingly, I ran across a message that told me that January is National Get Organized Month. Well, no wonder! Did it start because people tend to begin the New Year off with the desire to become more organized, or do we have that desire because it is National Organization Month?

In any case, getting organized is actually quite helpful. It can lower our stress, offer a more positive outlook and it helps us put systems in place that can help us achieve long-term success at home and at work.

One type of organizing system I have come to greatly appreciate is Feng Shui. It is a Chinese system that studies people’s relationship to their environment, especially their home or workplace, in order to achieve maximum harmony ( It is primarily concerned with the science of placement and how energy is able to flow throughout a space. There is lots of wonderful information available about Feng Shui. I encourage you to check it out a bit more, but in case you are participating in this Get Organized month, as I am, a few Feng Shui tips might be helpful.

One of the best ways to keep positive energy spreading throughout your home or workspace is to de-clutter. Clean off your kitchen counters. (I had to take a moment and do this myself, as my counter was distracting me.

Clear out your closets, your basement, garage or other areas that accumulate “stuff.” Energy can become “stuck” in these areas and becomes stagnant. Feng shui explains that this stagnancy can later express itself in a stuck or completely blocked area in your life (

Plants are another great tool to keep energy positive and fresh throughout your home or workspace. They represent your intentions. “If you want some part of your life to expand and blossom, bring in a plant with these intentions.” (Wind and Water, Hyder). Placing plants with rounded, soft, smooth edges near your front door helps beckon good luck and good fortune. “Placing red flowers in the reception area of a business with a compassionate intention will assure a steady flow of paying customers” (Wind and Water).

Sounds easy enough. Whatever your organizing efforts may be ~ may it help create a calm and empowering space and bring you much success!