We’ve officially been Sleepy-Eye-ers for a little over a week.

We’ve officially been Sleepy-Eye-ers for a little over a week.

The first question everyone seems to want to know is if we are finished unpacking. Does that really ever end? In the past it seemed that the moment I finally had the last box unpacked, we were on the move again.

The one place we haven’t gotten set up yet is the man cave. To both Hubby and my dismay, the furniture we tirelessly packed doesn’t fit in his new man cave space without taking out a couple of walls.

Hubby announced recently that he was going to spend $1,000 and have the best man cave ever! I pouted. How was it fair that I got stuck with old, stinky man cave furniture in the living room and he gets a whole new room?

It became apparent this past week why a man cave is vital.

He has been schlepping around the house looking lost, wandering from room to room. Earlier this week he was not able to form complete sentences. When he couldn’t find a comfortable position in his favorite recliner for Sunday football, that once held a pivotal spot in the man cave where he could sleep for hours in that exact same chair, I knew it was serious.

I caved. He can have his $1,000 man cave and I will be inventive and find a way to live with former man cave furniture (as long as I have an endless supply of Febreze).

I just want my husband back. If that means I have to live with indoor/outdoor carpet in my basement to mimic a football field so be it!