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  • This almost sounds like one of Art Linkletter's Kids Say the Darndest Things show. However it isn't as whimsical.
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  • This almost sounds like one of Art Linkletter's Kids Say the Darndest Things show. However it isn't as whimsical.
    Numerous times I've had conversations with others about how their family is doing. How are your parents, your kids? I bet your grandchildren are really growing too! With a smile, most people reply that things are well with the kids but when it comes to their parents, they don't always know what is going on and that worries them.
    A generation or two ago, it was common for the parents to keep health issues to themselves. They didn't share with their children because they didn't want to worry them or because they felt their health was private. As an adult child of a widowed mother, I can tell you nothing is farther from the truth. Since I live more than two hours away from Mom, I want to be assured she is doing well. Not only physically but socially and emotionally as well since Dad died.
    As their adult children, we worry about our parents just as much if not sometimes more than we worry about our kids.
    It's easy for a parents' health to slip right before our eyes and we don't even realize it. Little changes here and there can mean something is happening with their health. And, while mom or dad may blow that off as just a sign of old age, the consequences of those little aches may be telltale signs of something more serious.
    Terri wrote in her column today about never failing to communicate to those you love, that you love them.
    To our mature parents, we have this to say, "We are not being nosey when we sincerely ask, 'How are you?' We simply love you and want you with us as long as possible and, as healthy as possible." To a child there is nothing more concerning when a healthy parent is suddenly going to the doctor and the doctor wants to see them again for "just some more tests..." That little blow off sends red flags and fireworks shooting off in our heads. Share with your children how things are going with your health, you may be surprised how rational we can be.
    Thought for the week: Show me the person you honor, and I will know what kind of person you are. – Thomas Caryle.
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