Santa and I had a good talk the other night when he was here at the Community Center.

Santa and I had a good talk the other night when he was here at the Community Center.

We visited about all the wonderful people in Sleepy Eye and how they are involved in their faith, schools, kids, organizations and jobs. We chatted obout how fortunate we are to have electricity, running water, toilets that flush, new street improvements and people to plow, sweep, decorate and take care of all our daily living amenities.

We gabbed about how we enjoy the parks, the lake, the bike and walking trail, the aquatic center and the arena. We expressed how great the service is at the businesses and services, how strong they are, and how loyal and reliable the business people are to the community and vice versa.

We yakked about the industries in town and how lucky we are to have large employers and all they provide here in the community. I spoke to Santa of how great the board members of the Chamber, Retail, Ambassadors and CVB are and the how they have had to make some hard decisions. I reveled about the extraordinary volunteers who help out at all the events throughout the year.

Santa asked me about the many Chamber members – what about them? There was no debate that these people who are so supportive should all have a little extra in their stocking come Christmas morning.

After a while, Santa asked me if we could discuss my Christmas list. Well, of course, we could, I confessed to him. My wish for everyone in Sleepy Eye this Christmas holiday is peace, happiness, respect and time – time for themselves to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, to realize the reason for the season and to be appreciative of everything they have.

Santa nodded his head at my wishes and no negotiating was needed; he said he would try to take care of those wishes in the best way he could. After a big hug, Santa went on his merry way. I was grateful for the wonderful conversation I had with Santa and knew that this peddler of good cheer would deliver silently to all and to all a good night – a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!