On Nov. 16-17 several Sleepy Eye FFA members attended the 360 Degree Vision Conference at Camp Courage. The goal of the camp is to build upon what members already know about personal growth and leadership and use that knowledge to make lasting improvements in their chapters and lives that will be effective for years to come. The camp was facilitated by the National FFA Organization by two former state officers from Nevada and Idaho.

Members who attended the camp included Kari Schumacher, Jenna Soukup, Tiffany Ludewig, Katelyn Johnson, Emily Kjelshus, and Samantha Krebsbach. During the camp, these members mingled with other FFA members from across the state and engaged in activities that encouraged teamwork and good communication. They also had the opportunity to make a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) goal for their chapter, evaluate the difficulties they may run into, create solutions for these problems ahead of time, and then prepare and practice a speech that markets their proposed goal to the chapter leaders.

Brandon Roiger, Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter and Region President, attended Power II at Camp Courage in Maple Lake Friday, Nov. 16. This training was for the Region FFA Officer Teams. They re-evaluated the Region VI Officer Team Goals for 2012-13, set up their chapter visits and planned out the rest of their year.

All members were very excited about the experience and knowledge gained from the camp. They look forward to implementing the SMART goals for the Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter, and also using the same knowledge to leave a lasting mark on their chapter.