Who doesn’t like the cool and crisp days of fall?

Who doesn’t like the cool and crisp days of fall? As summer gives way to the beautiful colors of autumn, farmers are busy gathering the harvest and hoping to reap the benefits of a year’s work.

While grain markets are currently high, there is a fine line for those who are happy with the results.

On one hand, you have the crop farmer whose expenses are producing the grain, and as long has he (or she) watches the expenses to produce that crop, they should at these prices come out with a good year.

At the same time the crop farmer is seeing benefits of a successful year, the livestock producer is looking at the cost of feeding the animals he (or she) is depending on for their livelihood too. With the cost of corn floating between $7.10 and $7.50 a bushel in the last seven days, one has to wonder when it comes time for those animals to hit the grocery store what the price will be for the consumers.

Expenses all around have increased. High grain markets yield high feed costs, yielding high livestock markets, yielding high food costs which also includes higher costs of shipping.

The cycle can be so vicious, one has to wonder when it will crash. Will we ever see a time our grandparents saw during the era of the great depression? Maybe not to that extreme locally. But there are individuals and families who have lost everything due to the economy in many places throughout the United States.

We need to be diligent and live within our means. A friend once told me a piece of advice he received from someone he respected very much, “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.” What if we all lived like that? Cash in the bank. Emergency funds available if or when needed. Money for that car repair or even better a new or newer vehicle.

The official first day of Autumn is this Saturday, Aug. 22. Enjoy the beauty of God’s paint brush as He bestows upon us breath-taking scenery.

Be safe and cautious during harvest. Remember to share the road, and enjoy the cool and crisp days ahead.

Thought for the week: Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus.