Funding has become available through the Clean Water Fund.

Funding has become available through the Clean Water Fund. Buffer widths must be a minimum of 50′. Buffers may extend to a maximum of 200′ for wildlife habitat enhancement purposes. Frequently/occasionally flooded areas are eligible for out to 350′ for clean water flood plain. Clean water buffers are also eligible when adjacent to and used to solve bluff land erosion problems. Eligible land must have been owned by landowner for at least one year prior to application.

Buffers must be adjacent to public waters identified as streams, ditches, and lakes. Buffers must total a minimum of 3 acres per application, unless it is part of a larger project initiative. Easements must be permanent and the payment rates in Brown County vary by township, ranging from $4,838.00 to $6,787.00 per acre. Land must either be in CRP or have been cropped for 2 of the last 5 years.

Land not currently in CRP must be seeded to native grasses and landowner will be reimbursed 100% of the seeding costs up to $300.00 per acre.

Interested landowners should call Tom Maher for an appointment at (507) 794-2553 or email Please bring a deed for the land when applying.