Today, Wednesday morning, I receive a text from Jessica my eldest daughter, and I quote...

"My baby starts riding the bus this morning."

"Oh yes I remember your first day!!!"

"The stupid bus people didn't call me... so Justin walked with her to the neighbors to get on... she is nervous! I think I might cry!"

"I did!! :)"

A quick phone call brought me to her voicemail... "Why should you be immune to crying on your first child's first day of school. I remember your first day as if it was yesterday. Have a great day! I love you."

Boy do I remember Jessica's first day of school. I watched my baby girl walk down the driveway to the big yellow bus that waited to take her away from my watchful eyes! It felt like a whale swallowing her up and I'd never see her again. Tears streamed uncontrollably down my cheeks. How could my baby have grown so fast?

Fast forward 25 years and I know the exact feelings she is experiencing today. There is one difference however. She is sitting in her office at work and is not there to watch Caitlin get on the bus. To a mother, it's an immensely helpless feeling.

Years ago mothers were stay-at-home moms. They didn't need to worry about arranging work schedules to accommodate whatever was happening in their children's lives. I've always been a working mom and will be the first to admit there were a lot of things happening in the lives of my four children that I felt I missed out on.

Today with my four grandchildren I try to make a special effort to be at the events that are important. It's not always easy, but I also remember as a child how important it was to see Grandma and Grandpa in the audience of whatever I was participating in.

Events can be anything from Hunter playing his horn in the Christmas program, to Jalyn riding Sis at the county fair for the first time, to Caitlin singing songs for her spring concert at St. Martin's preschool. Just watching them grow and begin to mature into the people they will some day be makes me so proud of them. But even more important, it makes me especially proud of my daughters and their husbands at what wonderful parents they are.

Thought for the week: Life is easier than you think: all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable. – Kathleen Norris.