As I read Terri's column this week, I could feel the strings of my own mother's heart pulling for her and Mason.

As I read Terri's column this week, I could feel the strings of my own mother's heart pulling for her and Mason.

It is hard enough changing from the top to the bottom of the age in school, but when you are separated by that many miles, I am sure it adds even more to the stress of starting another year.

Another mother's heart strings will be tugged in just a few short days as well and that is the one of my eldest daughter, Jessica.

Jess is now the mother of a five-year-old who will begin kindergarten this year. Yes, following Labor Day, my Caitlin will be a kindergartener! I'm just not sure how that happened so fast.

Part is the distance from them I think. Being three an a half hours away, it's not like you can just pack up in the morning and head there for the day. I guess one could, but you would spend seven hours on the road for a couple of stolen hours visiting.

One of the last times I was there, Isaac even made me cry when I was leaving. It was just so hard to say goodbye that time. Partly because they have been living in an RV for five-an-a half months waiting for their home. But that may be a column for another day.

Sleepy Eye Public School kids have filled the playground with joyful laughter as students began another year this week. For those in high school, I don't think the excitement of starting school is quite at the level of those in elementary. Either way, the beginning is here and is an opportunity for a fresh start.

St. Mary's students will fill the halls next week as they begin their year too.

To all mothers out there, I feel your heart strings pull as you watch your children, especially the youngest, get on the school bus or walk out the door to begin their start of life independent of you. When they arrive home again, they will be full of news they'll want to share with you. That is when you should take time and really tune into listening to all they have to share.

You will have many moments of pride that will bring tears, smiles and an overall beaming as your child succeeds on their never-ending life journey. Sit back and enjoy the show. Give them room to grow and allow them to make mistakes, for that is what will mold them into the amazing adults they will become.

Thought for the week: A ship ought not be held by one anchor, nor life by a single hope. – Epictetus