Happiness is…


Happiness is…

..a big hug.

..when someone calls you by name.

..the green of spring.

..spending time with family.

..watching a new little bunny explore your yard.

..when your perennials return each year.

..someone listening closely to what you have to say.

.. a special friend.

..someone noticing something you’ve done.

..being organized.

..remembering someone’s birthday.

..a day to lie on the grass with your kids and watch for pictures in the clouds.

..a day off.

..laughing so hard your belly hurts.

..telling a joke and getting it right.

..walking through the grass barefoot.

..listening to music.

..playing in the sand.

..the sunshine.

..a water fight.

..trying something new.

..a good book.


..your birthday.

..a bouquet of flowers picked just for you.

..listening to the stories of a child.

..when you are thirsty for your favorite drink, and you have it available.

..finding chocolate in the cupboard when you really want it.

..coming back to the comfort of your home after a long trip.

...reconnecting with an old friend.

..when you have creamer in the fridge for your coffee.

..cold lemonade on a hot day.

..learning something new.

What makes you happy? Sometimes we believe that happiness is found by achieving something ~ like believing that a certain amount of money will carry with it the gift of happiness.  It might make things a little more comfortable, but beyond that, positive psychologists have determined that money, love, and health combined only increase ones happiness by 10% (howtofindhappiness.com).

Happiness is really an internal state of being, achieved to its greatest degree by appreciation and optimism.  Happiness arrives when we can find comfort and gratitude in what surrounds us.

Happiness is a Warm Puppy, by Charles Schultz, is a wonderful little story, filled with simple experiences, shared by the Peanuts characters, of the things that make them happy; “a blanket and a thumb, a warm puppy, an umbrella and a new raincoat”.  As a child, I enjoyed the story so much, that I would look for things that made me happy and when I found it I would say, “Happiness is _____”.  It helped me realize that there was so much I was lucky to experience.

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”. ~Abraham Lincoln

Much happiness to you!