Monday is typically a busy day for our staff at the Herald-Dispatch.


Monday is typically a busy day for our staff at the Herald-Dispatch.

We are putting last minute additions on articles and squeezing in last minute interviews.

Mondays are never my favorite day of the week, but after a busy weekend, I was not prepared for this past Monday.

Shortly after getting to work and making a giant list of things I?had to accomplish before the paper went to press, we received a call that a team of mules was currently stopped at the Freedom gas station and it might make for an interesting photo.

I grabbed the camera, a notepad and drove down Main Street to Freedom.

There were no mules.

For the first time ever, I?had not grabbed my cell phone before I left. I had no way to call the office and ask if I?misunderstood where they had been.

I circled the gas station a few times and decided to pull in and find out if I?was crazy.

The cashier told me the team of mules had just left heading east.

I ?had just come from the east!! I know I?tend to have tunnel vision when I drive, but seriously, how could I?have missed a covered wagon and a team of mules if I?had driven right by them?

Immediately I began to have self-doubts.

I returned to the office announcing that there were no mules at Freedom, or for that matter, on Main Street.

Our receptionist, Penny, told me that she just left a message on my cell phone (which was sitting on my desk) saying they were at the City Hall parking lot.

I made a pit stop at my desk to grab my phone and ran out the door.

Once at City Hall, I circled back to the parking lot to glimpse the mule team turning the corner as they left.
I was beginning to feel like the name the mules are coined.

At that exact moment, Chris sent me a text. Before going into City Hall to inquire about the elusive wagon team, I stopped for a breather to read it.

It began by saying that not all plants signify love, but a rose does.

Awwww....I?thought my day was looking up.

The next sentence went on to say that not all plants die of thirst because a cactus doesn’t need much water.

Ok...I wasn’t sure where this was going.

It went on to say that other challenged people are unable to read, but look at me!


Then it says that it doesn’t matter if I?lick windows or have other personal problems, I sure am a special cupcake.

I nearly burst into tears!

I ?didn’t have much time to ponder that as I?needed to find out if the girls at the office were sending me on a wild goose chase (no pun intended) or if the mule team I had seen dissappear around the corner wasn’t simply a figment of my imagination.

I asked city manager Mark Kober if  a mule team had been in the parking lot only minutes before.

He confirmed they had been, but had left.

Story of my life, I thought.

“I’m not sure where they are headed next, but I?do know they are staying at the Sportsman’s Park campground for the night,” he said.

I left the office feeling a little deflated. I spent about a half-hour chasing a mule team I wasn’t completely sure wasn’t meant to be a joke pulled on me and my future husband told me I’m special even if I lick windows. I figured this day had hit rock bottom and I wasn’t sure how it could get worse.

Another text from Chris came in.

I?wasn’t sure at this point whether to laugh or cry.

He was simply asking if I thought the text he forwarded me was as hilarious as he thought it was. “Thought you might enjoy it,” he wrote.

If he only knew.

An hour later another call came into the office that a team of mules was down at Sportsman’s Park. I decided to give it one last try.
What I found were two handsome looking mules, Bud and Jack, with their two friendly owners, Mary and Warren. To read their story turn to the People section of the Herald.

As for me, I’m going to sign off on this week. Each day is a chance at a new beginning. Tomorrow I’m going to try licking one less window, and not take everything so personally.