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  • Memorial Day, a day to honor

  • With a rich military history in our community and surrounding area, it is easily understood why Memorial Day  is such an important day to us.


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  • With a rich military history in our community and surrounding area, it is easily understood why Memorial Day is such an important day to us.
    Many have family and friends who have, or are currently, serving in our Nation’s Armed Forces. And, to those same family members, there is nothing that can trigger emotions more, than when we hear the sound of the bugler playing Taps.
    I’ve heard locals such as Sharon Carr, and the Carr girls along with Becky Guldan play Taps numerous times during community events or funerals. They give me goose bumps every single time.
    My nephew Jake Schmitz of Monticello had the honor of playing Taps last year during Monticello’s Memorial Day service. I was so proud of him.
    Communities host events and many have a day off work because Memorial Day is a national holiday. But the real reason for this day is to pay tribute to those who gave their time in dedicated service to help protect the freedoms we so enjoy today.
    Hundreds of thousands have served and too many of them lost their lives during that dedicated service.
    They put themselves in harms way just for us and the people of other countries too. All they have ever asked for is respect and our gratitude for the sacrifices they made and are continuing to make today.
    We all know someone who has served or is still serving. If you don’t, just ask anyone at the Servicemen’s Club to give you a couple of names. When you have those names, let that person know you appreciate everything they did to assure our freedom.
    A silent gesture of gratitude toward someone is to take your hand and place it on your heart and then move it forward like you are handing something to someone.
    This Memorial Day, take time out of a busy schedule and honor those who served and continue to serve today, the men and women of our Nation’s Armed Forces.
    Thought for the week: The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example. – Benjamin Disraeli
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