One hundred years ago this past Sunday, the RMS Titanic made its maiden  voyage  across the North Atlantic ocean from Southampton, England.

One hundred years ago this past Sunday, the RMS Titanic made its maiden  voyage  across the North Atlantic ocean from Southampton, England. The unsinkable, luxury cruise liner never made it to its final destination of New York. After striking an iceberg it sunk two hours later to the icy depths of the ocean.

Only 750 passengers out of approximately 2,000 survived.

It still holds the record for one of the deadliest maritime accidents in history.

When the movie Titanic was release some 15 years ago, my sister and I were enamored. Not only was one of the best graphically designed movies of that time, but for the fictional love story it portrayed.

My sister and I decided one day that it would be a great idea to double date and take our husbands to the newly released movie. Our husbands, however,  did not see it the same way.

They agreed to go on the double date  on one condition—they would not be forced to sit through the three-hour  chic flick. They requested to be dropped off at one of the local watering holes and would meet us outside at an agreed upon place at an agreed upon time after the movie.

Despite both my sister and I?having already seen the movie,  midway through, my sister began to sob remembering the ending.
Despite her trying to regain control of her emotions at intermission, once the movie began again, so did the sobbing.
To the point that she was choking on her sobs.

“There are other people in here!”?I hissed in her ear as a warning.

The remainder of the movie she buried her head in her coat to stifle her sobs.

After the movie we headed out to pick up our dates who refused to attend the movie with us.

We had gone to the late movie so it was almost bar closing time when we arrived to pick them up. We waited 10 minutes past the agreed upon time and still they hadn’t come out.

My sister and I?fought over who had to be the one to go in and get them. In the end, we decided there was safety in numbers.

After being hit on, offered drinks and pushed by people who could barely stand, we finally found them and headed home.

They decided they were thirsty and, because it was at least 1:30 a.m., all the convenience stores were closed. We pulled over when we spotted a pop machine.

While my sister and I?waited in the car I commented about the heater not working very well. This was in the dead of winter and I remember it being a very cold, below zero night.

“Yeah, sometimes it take a while to kick in,”?my sister said. She promised that once we picked up speed, the air should start to warm.
Shortly after resuming our journey home we landed in another pitfall. We pulled over to discover we had a flat.

My sister’s husband graciously got out of the car to rummage in the trunk for the spare and change the tire. A few seconds later he returned to the window.

“I have bad news,” he said. “The doughnut  looks flat too.”?

At that time of night, without cell phones, we had no other options. He put on the flat spare and we began to crawl home.

It was then that we noticed the heat in the car had stopped working all together.

But, wait. It gets better.

Another 10 miles down the road we were pulled over by flashing lights. A state patrol woman came to the window.

“Where are you guys headed?” she asked my sister.

She explained we had gone into Mankato to watch a late movie and were on our way home when we discovered we had both a flat tire and a flat spare.

“Have you been drinking tonight?” she asked as she shined the flash light at each of us.

My sister explained that the men in our vehicle had visited a bar while her and I went to a movie.

“I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the car,”?she said to my sister.

“Why? I?haven’t been drinking,” my sister replied.

“The smell of alcohol is very prominent in this car and I just want to be certain,” the state patrol officer told her

She went back to state trooper’s warm car while the two husbands and I stayed huddled together in the car to attempt to stay warm.
Finally my sister returned.

“Well, that was fun,” she said sarcastically. “We have no heat in the car, a flat tire and a flat spare and I?just got a breathalyzer. On a positive note, the sate trooper’s car was at least warm!”?

Recently on a phone conversation with my sister she mentioned that her daughter might enjoy viewing the 3D version of the movie.
“Want to come?”?she asked.

“No, thank you!” I?told her. “Take your daughter and your cell phone and if you have a theater within walking distance I suggest you walk!”