If you read Terri’s column below, already you discovered she ran a 5K last Saturday.


 If you read Terri’s column below, already you discovered she ran a 5K last Saturday.

We experienced the same feelings - what am I doing here? Did I train enough? I have never finished running three miles before. What makes me think I can do it now? It is too cold out to run. I’ll never make it. My legs will cramp and I  will embarras myself by walking across the finish line at 60 plus minutes!

HA! Once my headphones were in my ears and my music was singing to me, and, when we got through the crowd of walkers, it was smooth sailing. Or, running that is. We hit the first mile marker. I was in good shape, no fatigue and still going like the energizer bunny!
Although my daughter Dina had taken a lead over me, I was not intimidated. I wanted her time to be the best she could achieve. So even though she was about a quarter mile ahead of me, she was still in view. Just seeing her up there kept me motivated to keep moving.
The next recollected area was roughly the two-mile mark where they had glasses of water. I am not sure how one runs and drinks water without spilling all of it but I did manage to get enough to wet my whistle and again I was off.

At the bend Lori and Katie were there cheering us on. It was here I needed to make a quick stop to tie my shoe and off again. Still running, so far I had not needed to walk to catch air.

Through the park and onto Hwy 4. Oh, the wind was blowing right into our face and it was quite cool, but I would not let the wind beat me.
The song, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger pops in my ears. More motivation! No it won’t kill me but the last bit next to the shore by Allison Park and the hill to the trail entrance almost did. I needed to walk about three car lengths to catch air and begin my quest for the final stretch to the finish line. YES...I did it and in 34 minutes. Many others finished before and many came after.

It was a fabulous day despite the cool damp weather for an amazing event. Thanks to those who were at the finish line cheering me on!
Thought for the week: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! You can meet challenges head on when you set your mind to it.