I’m in a little predicament.


I’m in a little predicament.

This past Monday night Sleepy Eye Knights basketball played at Gustavus College and won the subsection title.

Three hours later, my alma mater, MLBO Wolverines, overcame the Star Concept Quasars to become subsection champions as well.

Friday at 6 p.m. on the MSU campus, the Knights and Wolverines will pair off for a shot at the section championship.

It is well known I’m not a sports fan.

Chris has a five-year plan for me. He says if he starts slow, in five years he should have me in position to buy season tickets to every professional sporting event across the continental United States.

Sha, right!

At least he has a dream.

Last Friday I asked Chris on a date to the Sleepy Eye Indians girls basketball game. I bought t-shirts for both of us and got some tips from sports writer, Josh Doughty, on proper etiquette when watching a sporting event.

“No talking unless it’s about the game,”?Josh told me.


“Really?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“If there is nothing to say about the game than don’t say anything at all,” Josh added.

Double gulp.

I figured I might need pills to get through this date.

I’ll be honest. I?don’t follow local sports until it gets exciting. And seeing the girls come from behind and win a subsection title when they weren’t expected to got in my blood. I wanted to be in the gym and feel the energy and be a part of that excitement for the section game.

Adorned in our Sleepy Eye t-shirts we watched the girls pull off a section win.

“That was intense!”?Chris said after the game. “When do they play at state? If it’s in the evening we are going to watch,” I was told.
Apparently, even without the help of pills, I pulled off the date with success.

The even more surprising fact is that I?made it through the entire game without talking at all!

My father would be so proud!

Monday evening Chris was gone for the night and my friend from high school mentioned she was going to watch MLBO in the subsection game at Gustavus.

“You should come!” she said to me. “Pleeeeeeeeeease?”?She begged. “I?haven’t seen you forever!”?

Her car was full with her children and her significant other, otherwise she said I?could catch a ride with them. I?told her I?would get back to her and let her know if I?was able to make it or not. I think she was shocked when I?told her I was catching a ride with my Dad and his friend.

I text Chris to let him know where I would be until later in the night in case he got home before me.

I think he was shocked too.

This game was intense.

Their was a five-point difference, give or take a few, the entire game. I wish I could remember what the final score was, but keep in mind I’m still new to the sports-watching arena. The important part I remembered is that MLBO garnered the title of subsection champs.

On a side note, I guess that me not remembering the final score is comparable to when your husband tells you a friend or a relative had a baby and you ask how big and they can only tell you male or female.

In any case, when I got home I told Chris we had another date for Friday night to watch MLBO and Sleepy Eye  vie for a chance at a section championship.

This is where I’m in a pickle.

I have lived and breathed Sleepy Eye since last August. I have gotten to know community members, grown to love this rural community and reported on our successes and triumphs.

I was told on the way home from the game Monday night that on Friday I will be wearing maroon and silver  and I will be sitting on the MLBO?side.
It’s a tough place to be.

I?hope you understand, Sleepy Eye, that I?have to support my alma mater.

To be fair, Mountain Lake hasn’t been to state in basketball, to my knowledge, since the 1950s.

Good luck guys! Go Knights! Go Wolves!

See you at the game!