With Leo on vacation this week, I’ve felt like a duck out of water covering what is my weakness, sports!


With Leo on vacation this week, I’ve felt like a duck out of water covering what is my weakness, sports!

It’s hard to write a story about a sport you know nothing about. My apologies to the hockey fans out there. I hope I at least covered it factual. My sports stories are not the great wordy length Leo usually puts into them with fine flair.

Taking the pictures was a bit easier, although Leo can dance circles around me in that arena (no pun intended) as well.

I’m not afraid to admit the two guys we have writing sports do it much better than I. But hey, that’s their job and mine is to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Wednesday as I put the finishing touches to my task list for this edition of the Herald-Dispatch, I contemplate covering tonight’s hockey game at the Xcel Energy Center. I’ve never been there so I am not sure what my strategy is for coverage. I just know I will not be the one writing the story as it will not go to press until next week’s paper. So to you hockey fans, I say, sometimes you just get lucky. Leo or Josh will write the story and I’ll take our best camera and hopefully get some great pictures for them.

Watching St. Mary’s boys last night was a bit like watching them in slow motion compared to the games I had watched earlier in the season.
I’m not sure what was happening. Even though they took the early lead in the first few minutes, they just didn’t seem to be themselves, and their three-point shots weren’t there either. After the half-time break, they appeared to come out and be themselves, and had 13 unanswered points within a short period. Thursday night they will take on Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City in what coach Milliard thinks will be a tough game.

The Sleepy Eye Public School girls basketball team keeps rolling their thunder over those who were dominant in the standings. The lady Indians have knocked off the number one, two and three seeded teams.

Good Luck to all three teams as they advance to state playoffs!

Thought for the week: It’s not chance, but choice that creates our destiny.