What is most rewarding about teaching music?

Hanson said what he finds most rewarding about teaching music is watching the kids who didn’t love music before his class, blossom into upcoming musicians.  

    “Seeing learning happen and watching kids discover they have a passion about music that they didn’t realize before,” Hanson said.

Why did you want to teach music? Hanson said that he has always enjoyed music and from an early age enjoyed singing at church and in elementary programs. When he began his college career, he originally studied political science. However, a year into his program, he realized that he had always wanted to be a musician and switched his major.
     “Its something I?really do have a passion for and I?can’t see myself doing anything else,” Hanson said.

Do you have anything big planned?
     Hanson currently has a sign-up sheet in the high school choir room for students in grades 9-12 interested in a chamber singers group, jazz choir, women’s choir, men’s choir and Gospel choir. He added that he has told students if there is a group they are interested in, but is currently not offered, to contact him.

What is the biggest challenge of teaching music?
     Hanson said the biggest challenge with teaching music is getting to know the students and to learn what they know about music and what areas they can learn more about. Basically, just figuring out where to begin.
     “All kids are different learners and finding a happy medium (has been a challenge), he said.